Adams Organic

Life is Better With Organic Blueberries

Pick USDA Certified organic and conventional blueberries on a multi-generational family farm. U-Pick is open for the 2024 season.

Since 1870

Our Story

Adams Blueberry Farms has operated as a family farm since the 1870’s. We’ve grown everything from corn to black raspberries. In the 1950’s our grandfather planted the first blueberries and opened the farm for public picking in the 1970’s. When we say “family farm” we mean it: if you call, email or visit we’ll be the ones answering the phone, replying and shaking your hand when you arrive. Today we offer blueberries (both USDA Certified and conventional), farm grown and produced maple syrup, and also the lesser-known yet highly nutritious aronia berry.

Our farm provides a one-of-a-kind Midwestern experience

People from all over the world love our blueberries.

Make us a tradition. Some families have been visiting for over 15 years.

There’s something for everyone: maple syrup, kids’ playground and staff that’ll treat you like family.



U-Pick Organic Blueberries

It’s not often we know exactly where our food comes from. Spend a day (or more) picking blueberries at Adams Organic Blueberry Farm, and you’ll know exactly who picked your berries. You might even remember which bushes they came from. From July to August we’re open seven days per week from 8am to 6pm. Families, couples, tourists and locals all love a wholesome blueberry picking session at least once a season. We’re only a short drive from Detroit, Indianapolis or Chicago. 


Unlike our U-Pick blueberries, all you have to do is show up to purchase our maple syrup. We harvest, filter, cook and bottle everything for you. Our maple trees grow in forest and full canopy areas. The Adams farm has been producing pure maple syrup the same way for over 100 years, only now with modern equipment. Your pancakes and waffles will love our maple syrup.

Ready for Organic Blueberries?

Of course you are! How many blueberries you take home is completely up to you. Our family is ready to meet your friends and family. Get outdoors to share in some laughter and the joy of farm-fresh blueberry stained hands.