Adams Organic

From Tree To Bottle On Our Farm

100 Years Of Family Maple Syrup

Every step of our maple syrup making process echoes the same methods used by our family a century ago. We tap the trees by hand, collect the raw sap and transport the raw liquid to our sap house. While our equipment has been updated, we still light the first fire for boiling down the sap every year with a wooden match. After boiling and filtering, the sap becomes the maple syrup we bottle for you to pour out for breakfast every weekend.

We tap trees from both a forest and full-shaded canopy to make a syrup that’s uniquely ours. The final product becomes a light dark amber with a distinct richness, smoothness and flavor notes not found in store-bought syrups. 

Our syrup production runs continuously from the end of February until the end of March. If you see steam coming from our sap house, stop by to see how it’s made. Our syrup is available for sale year-round, and especially when you come to pick our organic blueberries.


Enjoy our Maple Syrup

Treat yourself with a delicious Maple Syrup that’s rich and smooth.