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U-Pick is open for the 2024 Season.

Adams’ U-Pick season runs from July 4th to the end of July. During that time we’re open seven days a week from 8am to 6pm.

We sell our maple syrup year round, but call before stopping by. When syrup production is going at full-tilt (from the end of February to the end of March) we love having visitors at our sap house.

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69676 County Road 376 (Try these if having trouble – CR 376 or 44th Ave) Hartford, Michigan 49057

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(269) 214-0873


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Planning Your Visit & Things To Consider
We love all animals, but please leave your dogs and pets at home. Only dogs who’ve gone through exhaustive training to earn the “Service Animal” title are allowed on Adams Blueberry Farm. 

Our farm is only a few miles off the western coast of Lake Michigan. No matter which direction you’re driving from, you’ll love the drive. And who doesn’t love a good road-trip! 

Here are some drive times and ideas for the road:

From Chicago it’s 2 hours and 15 minutes. Before leaving the city, stock up on pastries, bagels and coffee from Chicago’s finest breakfast cafes. On the way, invite inspiration to guide the car to pit stops and discover local food gems along the way. Play Chicago favorites Wilco or Andrew Bird on the stereo to keep the energy of the drive going. If you’re making an early morning visit (and you’re a passenger) take a nap as your driver traverses the southern coast of Lake Michigan out of Illinois, across Indiana and up into Michigan. If you do happen to be awake, this drive is a feast for the eyes.

From Detroit (Rock City), it’ll take around 2 hours and 45 minutes. No twists and turns on this road, just a bee-line to the berries! While you can snag top notch barbecue in Detroit, stopping in Ann Arbor or Grand Rapids will net some delightful on-the-road noshing. It’s not hard to decide what to play on the stereo from Detroit: Motown all day and all night, and that drive will pass you by in no time!

No matter the direction you’re coming from to visit Adams Blueberry Farm, road-trips are an American birthright. We hope you drive safe, enjoy the ride and savor the vibes from the music and conversation. If you’re coming out solo, driving long distances along is a special meditation of its own that fosters creative thought… maybe you’ll come up with an idea for The Great American Novel. What we’re trying to say is: making the drive to our farm is always a great idea. 

It’s good to know how to prepare for spending July and August days at Adams Blueberry Farm. The cool breezes off Lake Michigan can only do so much. A wide-brimmed hat will keep the Sun off your face and neck, and keep blueberry branches out of your hair. Sunglasses will keep your eyes better rested and primed to seek out those hidden berries. Please don’t forget sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30; the only thing we want coloring your skin are blueberry stains, not a sunburn. 


Only depend on us for blueberries. Under the summer sun and increased humidity, you’ll work up a sweat and an appetite picking and carrying your berries. Even in the shade of our blueberry bushes, please bring an adequate amount of water for everyone in your party. To maximize your family/friend time at Adams’ we invite you to pack a picnic. Even the marathon pickers need to stop, refuel and share a laugh. For all the romantics out there, imagine how impressed your date would be if you took them on a blueberry picking adventure AND packed a thoughtful meal to enjoy on the farm! 

We’re sure that if scientists did a peer-reviewed study, it would prove that blueberry picking is great for a child’s developing mind and enhancement of gross motor skills. Blueberry picking is something that can become a yearly tradition. Visiting Adams Blueberry Farm is a shared experience that can help strengthen the bonds and relationship with your children. If, however, they need something to do, we have a sandbox and swing-set where the young ones can engage in supervised (by you) play away from the blueberry bushes.

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